Wednesday, 28 February 2007

"Home of the world's finest socks"

I am so excited...

Today the crew are off to Dahlgren in Virginia - "Great, very interesting Rosa", I hear you hark... But wait... Read on...

Dahlgren itself is a magical place in the US of A, just south of Washington DC, this excites me due to Dahlgren's finest product... socks!

And not just any old sock... Dahlgren is "home of the world's finest socks", they are made of Alpaca wool... and best of all
I am getting a pair!! The kind Laura has agreed to bring me back a pair of the world's finest socks to warm my wee toes!

Just so you know (I fell my blog should double as an information service) the alpaca is a domesticated species of South American developed from the wild vicuña. It resembles a sheep in appearance, but is larger and has a long erect neck.
You can buy them here , not that i recommend this, it is just a suggestion.

Over and out.


kenneth watson (gary's dad) said...

sorry, can't respond to this, nothing to get me teeth into, it's very hard for someone like me to give a fuck about a subject as banal as this.

Rosa said...

What are you on aboot Ken, do you not appreciate the cosyness of fine socks?

k watson (gary's sperm donor) said...

love socks for keeping me feet warm, don't enjoy reading about them. maybe comedy socks would be worth blogging about, y'know bart simpson socks, south park, ian huntley etc etc