Friday, 13 April 2007

Swindon, this is Swindon...

My apologies for my absence other the past few weeks, I am sure Gohir has missed the daily humourous comments relating to the life of RosaCB!
So this week i have been in Swindon, described by the author Mark Haddon, fairly accurately, as 'the arsehole of the world'!!
Not much has happened really, just been drinking coffee with old friends and eating egg shaped chocolate, all in all a good week!
Fact of the day: My friend Tasha works for the railway in Swindon, although she ensures me she is not the fat controller!

1 comment:

Gohir said...

You have been very lax and this has not impressed! We know Swindon is the worlds biggest Call Centre!

Buck up your act!