Saturday, 28 July 2007

Gary What's On?

This is Gary, he is cool. I promised him I'd blog about him!
He'd like a nice girl to have fun with. He is a nice, sensitive guy, he likes soft puppys and joggers in subways.
Gary's favourite fruits are pears and plums.
He nearly died but is ok now.
We all love Gary!
Three cheers for Gary.
Gary is also one of 'Rosa blogs' most commited readers.

To find out more about Gary, click here.


Hamish McDuff said...

He looks a bit slow!

clare o'doherty said...

wow! I can't believe that Gary has such limited pulling power that he's resorted to advertising/prostituting/ridiculing himself on rosa's blog. it's hard to have respect for the guy to be honest. hamish, he doesn't look 'slow', mearly unhurried, he walks the earth at his own pace. tell you what though, he IS a sexy fucker.

sarah minnis said...

agreed clare, gary is a hot fox. it upsets me to see him single.

gohir manzoor said...

you're both correct girls, in fact i wouldn't mind a bit of that myself...gggggrrrrrrrr.

Gohir said...

Stop being me Gary!!! I'm me not you!!

weirded out said...

joggers in subways?