Friday, 9 March 2007

Just call me 'Shimoarika'!

So I have just learnt that my ninja name is 'Shimoarika' - How cool is that!!

What's yours...

Make your ninja name from the following alphabet:

A- ka * B- zu * C- mi * D- te * E- ku * F- lu * G- ji * H- ri * I- ki * J-zu * K- me * L- ta * M- rin * N- to * O-mo * P- no * Q- ke * R- shi *S- ari * T-chi * U- do * V- ru * W-mei * X- na * Y- fu * Z- zi

When i joined the gym (back home) about two year ago, I was asked what I wanted to acheive... I just said... "Make me look like Uma Thurman" the trainer laughed at me!!... Not quite there, still trying, but now i have my ninja name!


Anonymous said...

who is tronic?

Tronic said...

a more accurate question would be 'what is tronic?'