Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Oh brother where art thou??

Well this weekend, he was in the fine town of Holywood, County Down, visiting moi, his lovely wee sister. We had a fabulastical time.
We went to visit the house where Mummy grew up, discovering it was strangely similar to one we grew up in!
But best of all was saturday night... We went to Zen, Belfast's finest Japanese restaurant for dinner... here is a picture of us as proof!
After leaving the Zen, my auto pilot clicked in to gear and took us to the Potthouse, it was great, but i hate having to que for so long in there to get a drink. Then of course the usual satuday night party back at ours!


Philip Rossini said...

Hi. Firstly the good stuff: nice use of the word 'fabutastical', as satisfying to read as it was to write, i'm quite sure. Also, props for the sweet nostalgia of the CambellBlights revisiting Mummy's old house, I think we can all relate to the lust for roots and knowledge family history.
Sadly the tale sours after this. It seems like a missed opportunity for a restaurant review, that would have enraptured the blog readers for sure. Similarly, the 'usual Saturday night party' was deemed deserving of an exclamation mark, a subtle wink-wink subtext in operation but wouldn't it have been more satisfying to spill your beans. I'd love to know what went on at the 'usual Saturday night party' but as it is I have to surrender to conjecture...I can handle that actually and I have an, er, active imagination, but still it'd be nice to know the truth...go on gimme some truth, i double dare ya.

Rosa said...

Why thanks Gary, i shall certainly take your advice in future... glad you enjoyed the majority of it though.
My school report always said "could do better"!!