Thursday, 8 March 2007

Over bent... not bent over!

So i went to yoga last night, but i think i over stretched... i'm really not as flexible as i thought, and today i just hurt!
I can touch my toes now though and i'm firming up... watch out boys... i am gonna be so much bendy fun!!


Gohir said...

I am so disappointed in you Rosa, I can't believe you deleted the story about you the bleach and the movie "The Crying Game"

peter sutcliffe said...

I can't let this slide, sorry. I have hitherto noticed a certain, how shall we say, desperation bordering on sluttish depravity appearing on your blog Ms Campbell Blight.
i draw your attention to yesterday's blog entry i which you inform us that "upstairs for thinking, downstairs for dancing... and the middle for doing whatever you like! Way hey hey!". So far so saucy, but wait there's more filth and innuendo, todays post reminds us "boys" that "i'm gonna be so much bendy fun!!".
interesting that we had a discussion the other day about the nature of blogging, how much personal stuff should be published etc, the debate continues as so it should. However I think that at the very leaast it should be understood that what you DON'T do is come across like some ol' sexually mal-nourished fish-wife and parade your desires around like a huge luminous inflatable penis.