Sunday, 6 May 2007

Bad Day!

So on Wednesday i got dumped! Wasn't a serious thing, but i still got dumped... by text! Whilst waiting at the station for a train to work! Nice!

You think this is bad... no it got worse...

Worked late until about 9pm, then went to City Hospital station to get the train home to Holywood... simple i hear you hark, how can this go wrong?? well it can and it did...

I got on the 9.11pm train and having just passed Belfast Central, I thought great, not too much longer, I'll be home by 9.30pm. Along came the ticket collector, and I asked to purchase a ticket to Holywood.

“Where?” he said.
“Holywood” I repeated.
“I think you are on the wrong train, this is the Londonderry train!”

Bollocks i thought! I asked him when the next stop was and assumed I could get a train/taxi back from there.

He explained that the next stop was not until Mossley West and, checking his timetable, said it would be a long wait for a train back to Belfast from there. He said Mossley West was well dodgy and waiting there was not a good idea, he suggested the best option was to stay on the train to Antrim, where I could organise to meet a taxi back to Holywood.

I finally got home at 10.30pm, having been to Antrim and spent £30 on a taxi back. Needless to say I was not in the best of moods, so went to bed!

So to sum it up...

I got dumped and went to Antrim... the making of a shit day!


Gohir said...

Screw you! Antrim is fuckin well top! it's the place to be! it's where it's happening!

And if you offered me 30 squid i would have droppd you off and let you see my house!


Rosa said...

Ah thanks Gohir that's so good of you!!

And by the way, yes i'm fine about the dumping, thanks for asking!

Gohir said...

wise up Rosa, put it down to another notch in the bedpost!

Rosa said...

I'll have you know my bed posts are in fine condition, not a notch in sight!