Saturday, 19 May 2007

Pulling on the A2

Rule 1: What happens on the A2, stays on the A2.

The A2, a delightful dual carriageway, running from the fair city of Belfast to the beautiful town of Bangor… and beyond.

This morning, whilst making my way to work at approximately 9.40am, so the road was fairly quite, a gentleman / hot guy driving a very nice MR2 cruised in the lane next to me beeping his horn and waving at me. I drove on ahead, and then again he appeared beside me, totting away.

Is this a sign from god? "Rosa your single days are over" (suggest mimicking in a powerful yet slightly holy voice).
Did this guy realise the inner and outer beauty that I convey on a Friday morning, and every other morning in fact?? Maybe! After all I was looking rather cool in my over-sized shades, blasting out the Rolling Stones.

Or… Is this a sign that my brake lights are out? And I was being warned of the danger I was causing to myself and other road users. (Thanks for that suggestion Tash!)

Or... Has Gohir contacted Citybeat 96.7FM, as threatened, and told the world to look out for Rosa and Rubybelle The First, so this guy was merely responding to this radio request. Does he win a prize? Are Citybeat cashing in on my image??

Well whatever the reason (and I'm sure you'll all agree the first would be most accurate) it was a good way to start a Friday...

... And I like Fridays!


Anonymous said...

I'm still going to go with the brake lights! Although Ruby had just passed her MOT so it couldn't have been that which means he must of actually fancied you!

Tash x

Rosa said...

Well he's only human!

gohir said...

Im going with you probably cut him off or looked like nob singing away and he just wanted to draw attention to you!

Jett Loe said...

I suggest driving on that same strech of motorway during the time/day you saw the mysteryman - eventually you'll meet up again and you can work your magic.

Rosa said...

Thanks for the advice Jett, I shall certainly bare that in mind.

Jett Loe said...

hmmm..."bare" that in mind...hmmm.