Sunday, 20 May 2007

So long, farewell

Daniel - the only Joseph for me.

This evening saw the nation make a big mistake.

Through reasons I can not begin to understand, Daniel was voted out of 'Any Dream Will Do'.

I'm shocked, in tears, utterly bewildered. Daniel will remain my Joseph.

Daniel, good luck from here on, you're a star.


gohir said...

Have u been smoking crack again?!!

Rosa said...

No i'm just high on Daniel love!

Gohir said...

You really are a strange girl!

Laura said...

Rosa, Rosa, Rosa, I share your pain. The world is a dark and gloomy place.

I was away this weekend and didn't get to see ADWD until last night (praise for Sky+)

Needless to say I was shocked, dismayed and ended up throwing a flip flop at the telly hoping it would connect with the Lord's face (it didn't - unfortunately it hit Daniel so ended up trying to apologise telepathically)

I have now decided that the dingbat Lloyd-Webber is obviously sleeping from that fruitbat Lewis' Grandma Jean (her hair is as stupid as his).

Am distraught and didn't sleep last night knowing that Daniel will not be Joseph....

PS His Bring Him Home had me in tears - but I did enjoy very much seeing him stripping off his purple dreamcoat and seeing him in the tight black vest top and foxy jeans.

Rosa said...


I am so glad you are on the same wave length as me, that poor boy, he so obviously so upset.

I have been receiving regular updates on his life, what with him being my top myspace friend! (See

You should add him as a friend too, I think he needs our support in these difficult times.

Gohir promised he woould track him down for me, so I could turn him straight... mind you, one look at Gohir and any guy would turn straight in a second!

Big up the Daniel love!

gohir said...

are u two birds smoking crack in an all night whore house while a fat man is shagging a young nubile philipino hooker?