Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Dance Tonight

I love Paul McCartney's new song Dance Tonight.
I love the iTunes advert and his little dance and all the whistling. I think Sir Paul can pull it off, but i would be embarassed if my Dad danced like that!
I like the world he is in, i'd like to live there.

The official music video is ok, maybe a bit disappointing. Kieran, who knows everything about most things, agrees with me on this.

I like the fact that Mackenzie Crook and Natalie Portman appear in it, but it looks a little 70s-ish! And there is not enough whistling in the official one! I like a good whistle!

Phil is a great whistler... he does a mean Coronation Street!


Kieran said...

i concur. More whistling please. Which is good advice for life, if you ask me. More skipping and whistling. Let’s start a petition.

Rosa said...

I'm in!
I shall dance and whistle all the way to work tomorrow.

kieran said...

lets take a quick headcount...ok, so there's two of us already. this thing is heating up. i can see it changing the world, but in a good way, not like global terrorism or anything like that. can't imagine a War on Whistling. Then again, you never know...

Avalon said...

Good words.