Sunday, 10 June 2007

4 Day Festival!

Last weekend we had a 4 day festival to celebrate my birthday!!

My friend Tash came over on the Saturday from sunny Swindon , home of the roundabout! So on the Saturday night we had a night out.
A few folk came round to mine for bubbly then we headed to The Potthouse , it was great fun, everyone was up for a good bit of craic and a boogie! After that we headed back my place for a party!
The rule of parties at our house is that every one must wear a hat, from our fully stocked 'hat shelf'!

I include a few pitures of this!

The party was great because at about 3am the legend that is Gohir, rocked up in the G-Mobile, he shared my hat, a pink cowboy hat that our lovely assistant cameraman found(?!) in The Potthouse!!

All my friend here are so great, and we all had a fab night out!

The next day (my actual birthday), they all came round and Tash and I cooked a great big roast dinner, it was lovely!

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Anonymous said...

Fabbie dabbie evening rosa! Who would this assistant cameran man be ?? ;)