Saturday, 16 June 2007

Dr Doc

This is Kieran, one of my fellow Rover-ers, he is a really brainy kind of chap.

Earlier this week we had an amazing storm, as we all stared, noses pressed against the window like we'd never seen rain before, Kieran still had his think cap on!

He was able to tell us how far away the lightening was, just by counting... pure genius!

Rock on Kieran!


Anonymous said...

now that was worth waiting for!

Gohir's brother Hamish said...

this guy sounds super-human....what's his gameplan? why is he here? i hope he is here to save mankind from ourselves, i've been expecting someone like, er, Kieran - thank christ your here K-man, don't let us down, we NEED you!

Anonymous said...

My powers aren't confined to basic arithmetic, thankfully. I do have other powers. The power of attorney, for example.