Monday, 25 June 2007

We've moved!

So the glamorous world of the media...

My production has just moved in to a new office in a lovely area of Belfast and just in time for the 12th July Marching Season with bomb fires and celebrations!

The move went fairly smoothly, we had a selection of 'hunks' to carry boxes as we watched and decided on the important things like which desks we should have!

Thanks boys!


Kierandoc said...

it must be lovely to be working near so much beautiful artwork!


Anonymous said...

As I said, nothing to worry about! Under your seat you should find a bullet proof vest, pop it on and you will be fine!! It's all a lot of hype x

Chris said...

I have a funny story about Sandy Row (it's funny now looking back on it). Picture 11PM on a dark September night 1993. I was driving to bus station to pick up my brother, home from England for a visit. My 13 yr old nephew was with me. Anyway, there I was driving down Sandy Row and had to stop at a junction (traffic lights?) and at the junction was a group of about 6 or 7 ppl. I was stopped there for a minute or two and started to get nervous when I realised I was being stared at... then it dawned on me. I had driven up to Belfast from Dublin and the car I was driving had southern reg plates. My nephew and I both realised this at the same time and while I started to sweat he was rocking in his seat and muttering "please God please God please God...". Yes, it's funny now:D